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More care for your car

Mopar® is the division of Fiat Group Automobiles which deals with the supply of original parts, accessories and all services dedicated to looking after and maintaining Fiat S.p.A. and Chrysler Group LLC cars.
At a global level Mopar® is unique, as demonstrated by some important statistics: the company boasts distribution in more than 120 countries and a spare parts and accessories catalogue offering more than 500,000 components.

The mission of Mopar® is to ensure customers of all brands within the Fiat and Chrysler Groups a satisfying ownership experience for the vehicle’s entire life cycle, putting their after-sales service leadership and know-how at their service. Mopar® looks after cars from the moment they leave dealership onwards, guaranteeing the customer the very highest level of service, employing cutting-edge technology and innovative, original and high-quality products.

Mopar® Vehicle Protection

​A special relationship

"Mopar ® Vehicle Protection" is the formula created by Mopar® to give maximum to the interaction between the clients and the official network of Fiat Group Automobiles, offering exclusive services, maintenance, services and warranty.

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Mopar Vehicle Protection is the only coverage endorsed by Fiat SpA. Offering more care for your car by ensuring all mechanical work is performed by factory- trained technicians using genuine parts at authorized repair facilities across Europe.

See your dealership or service specialist for a full range of Mechanical Coverage and Maintenance Plans available from MOPAR® VEHICLE PROTECTION.

Mopar® heritage

A glorious past of 75 years

The word Mopar was first used in Chrysler in 1920, as a simple contraction of the words “Motor” and “Parts”. The birth of the brand was made official in 1937: the task of Chrysler’s “helpmeet” was to produce spare and original parts dedicated to Chrysler models.
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Mopar® began to emerge in the sixties, a time when American sports cars and high-performance cars gained international fame thanks to their results in racing. When the Chrysler Corporation created the Dodge and Plymouth, Mopar® launched a line of "special parts" expressly dedicated to the vehicles that took to the track. And so Mopar® Performance Parts was born, the division of Chrysler committed to the production of spare parts, with the mission of enhancing race car performance to the maximum. Over the years, Mopar® became synonymous with “muscle cars”: most of the cars that, straddling the 1970s, made history in automotive racing can be indicated with this description. Since then, Mopar® aims to satisfy its customers as they optimise the performance and handling of the cars that they drive every day. Today, the global player has extended its operations to include technical assistance and customer service activities, putting its vast experience at the service of those who choose Fiat and Chrysler Group cars.

The Brands

Fiat Group Automobiles - FGA is the international automotive Group that designs, manufactures and sells vehicles destined for the mass market. The brands within the Group’s sphere are the general manufacturers Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat Professional and Abarth, plus the Ferrari and Maserati brands, makers of sports and luxury cars.
The Company has extended its global presence thanks to the partnership with Chrysler Group LLC, whose product range includes cars with the Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram and SRT brands. The Fiat Group also operates in the components sector with Magneti Marelli and Teksid, plus the area of production systems with Comau.

The Group boasts some of the most innovative and advanced know-how on the market and represents a multi-national with a strong, balanced and diverse presence in various areas of the world.


Fiat has a history of more than a hundred years. The Italian brand has been offering concrete, immediate solutions available to all since 1899. Fiat is Simply More: it produces cars that combine style and functional design, as cost-effective every day as they are to maintain. Technological innovation is at the heart of all the brand’s projects. It always looks ahead, to improve quality of driving, to ensure safety for its customers and to offer a better relationship with the environment for all.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo
The essence of Alfa Romeo dwells in its design and Italian style, unique and unmistakeable, the distinctive feature of every Alfa Romeo. Fluid and elegant lines recall the sporting spirit which has always characterised the brand. The history of the brand, built of sporting success and passion, is reflected in every car and translates into the perfect balance of emotion, cuttingedge technology, safety, comfort and real gratification behind the wheel. Alfa Romeo today expresses agility and efficiency, but above all a passion born in 1910.


Italian character and international temperament: this is the essence of Lancia. A Brand with a prestigious history which begins in 1906, contemporary by vocation and which has been able to innovate continuously without ever sacrificing its identity. The proof lies in the exclusive cars that make up its current range: models endowed with the refinement of unadulterated craftsmanship, combined with technological solutions designed to put the future at your fingertips, today.


Abarth has always transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary. The legendary company founded in 1949 by Karl Abarth has become a champion in the world of racing, winning 10 international competitions, 113 records, more than 10,000 victories and successful singlemake championships. Reborn in 2007, it continues to concern itself with the production and sale of road cars, racing cars and unique, highperformance conversion kits.

Fiat Professional

Fiat Professional
Fiat Professional came into being back in 1974: it’s the Fiat Group Automobiles brand which produces light commercial vehicles. A partner for businesses, whether large or small, which provides them with a vast range of models, perfect for work and meeting all transport requirements. Fiat Professional’s commercial vehicles achieve excellent results at a commercial level and a constant stream of international recognition, such as the International Van of the Year award, won no less than five times since 2006 to date.


With more than seventy years of legendary history behind it, Jeep® is the brand with a unique and distinctive character, always looking for adventure. Since 1941 Jeep® represents technical offroad excellence: it’s a point for reference for those who love to push themselves beyond the limits and don’t accept compromise. Comfort, versatility, functionality and reliable performance in critical conditions are the linchpins that define the seven-slitted models, with the more emotive aspects of driving always borne in mind.



The spirit of hard work. Earning your place without forgetting where you’re from. That’s what the Chrysler Brand and its vehicles are all about. Since 1925, Chrysler has never stopped building automobiles for everyone: from those who just use their car for functionality, to those who are real 4 wheels passionates. The great tradition of the Brand is being carried on by the alliance with the Fiat Group: even though the distinctive carachteristics which made Chrysler models unique during the years are being mantained on the new ones, technology, environmental responsibility and commitment for the future are also some of the brand’s main purposes.


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Sustainable practices help to maintain the balance between satisfying contemporary needs and ensuring that future generations can satisfy theirs. That’s why Mopar® concerns itself with looking after FGA Group cars in the most eco-compatible manner that it can. This results in the end-of-life vehicle collection plan and the Green Check-Up, the maintenance programme that permits a specific check on car components with the greatest impact in terms of emissions.

Mopar® extreme

Mopar® is one of the most recognisable brands in the American automotive industry. Its story began more than seventy-five years ago and now, in the USA, it has an immense presence characterised by hundreds of thousands of fans who count “moparised” cars among their motoring interests, that is, those Chrysler Group models taken to the extreme of their capabilities. The presence of Mopar in the world of motorsports is incredibly vast: from NASCAR to drag races, from dirt tracks to the Baja.

In the first decades of its activity, Mopar® mainly tuned vehicles belonging to the category of muscle cars, such as for example the Dodge Challenger and Charger, the Plymouth Barracuda and various Chryslers. More recently, on the other hand, the brand has carried out big projects in the world of off-road, demonstrating unrivalled mastery in making various other Chrysler and Fiat Group models unique. Examples are the Ram Runner, the Jeep Wrangler Sand Trooper, the Fiat 500 Mopar® Underground and the various prototypes that Mopar® presents annually at the American auto shows, like the SEMA Show at Las Vegas, or particular occasions such as the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab.
The Mopar® brand is very close to its fans, since it rightly appreciates and is thankful to them for making it what it is today. That’s why, in various occasions throughout the year, it organises and sponsors events dedicated to them, giving them the possibility to see “moparised” models up close and experience the great passion that unites them together, making them feel part of one great big family.